Perhaps, like most of my patients, you've been through the medical mill—a GP, a pain specialist, an orthopedic surgeon. You've had expensive tests. You've tried physical therapy, or powerful drugs. Nothing worked, and now your doctor is talking surgery. You hate the idea—but do you have a choice?

YES—Ming Manual Therapy (MMT), the most advanced hands-on soft-tissue therapy technique known. MMT is the hands-on component of my complete pain relief program, the Ming Method. In many cases, MMT and the Ming Method can heal injuries, aches, and pains without surgery.

I've fixed problems whose causes ranged from weight lifting, jujitsu, and basketball to sitting long hours at a desk hunched over a computer. MMT, which has helped many high-profile professional athletes and other celebrities, is also available to you.

" Radio with Tara-Marie Segundo" October 6, 2011 (mp3 format file of this interview) .

Surgery should be your last resort. Before considering surgery, try the Ming Method.

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Without drugs or surgery, MMT and the Ming Method can quickly heal most cases of:
  Back Pain Shoulder Pain
  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Migraine
      And More!

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